Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Space Do I Need?

We have a range of storage units to satisfy varied needs. Our experienced staff is always there to assist you with the right choice. Table below can be used as guidance. Rates as at 1/01/19 and are subject to change at any time.

You Want To Store
Approx Space Needed (m3)
Monthly Rental
Small 1 bedroom house lot
$85 - $125
Average 2 bedroom house lot
$130 - $145
Average 3 bedroom house lot
$175 - $215
Average 4 bedroom house lot
36 - 40
$265 - $285

When Can I Access My Storage Unit?

You can access your unit:

Monday to Friday                                  from  8.30 am till 5.30 pm

Saturday                                                 from 10.00 am till 4.00 pm

Sunday and most Public Holidays       from 10.00 am till 2.00 pm


For security reasons we do not allow access to units unless the manager is on duty.


When do I pay?

Full monthly payment is required beforehand or on the day storage commences. Cash or cheque must  be used for the initial payment and susequent monthly payments may be by automatic payment, direct credit, cash or cheque

Planning Storage To Suit Your Needs


Separate items you are likely need access to while using the storage – these have to be stored last


Having most of the items packed in cartons makes packing/unpacking easier and faster. That will also keep all items in the best condition

Depending on the size of storage unit and the amount of goods, consider leaving space for walkways

Place large, heavy items at the rear of the space, unless you need to access these earlier

Work forward placing heavier items and cartons closer to the floor placing fragile items above them

Finally, items you are likely to need earlier go last

Packaging Protects Your Goods


As a rule of thumb – everything bar furniture and suitcases is best packed in boxes


Make your life easier by placing heavy items in smaller boxes

Protect fragile items for peace of mind

Clearly label cartons and make a list of what is where. Use some system. It is a good idea to number boxes room by room and keep a list of box numbers with their content for easy unpacking and access if needed.

Packing of special items


Electronics and Computers are best kept in their original packaging and stored upright. Otherwise, you can bubble wrap them and store in suitable size boxes. Remove the batteries from battery-powered items as they may leak over time.


Fridges and Freezers  have to be completely defrosted, cleaned and dried before going into storage. Wedge the door ajar to ensure they remain fresh

Other Whiteware should be cleaned and drained before going into storage

Mirrors, Windows & Paintings are best protected with bubble-wrap and/or placed in a flat carton. These are best stored in an upright position

Dishes, Glassware, Ceramics and other fragile items are best protected by being wrapped individually in bubble-wrap or packing paper and then placed in a carton. Look for ways of nesting items and ensure all gaps in cartons are filled in with packing material or something soft. This will keep your fragile items well protected and prevent them from moving around in cartons whilst in transit. Label all cartons containing fragile items and avoid storing heavy items on top of these cartons.

Furniture needs to be cleaned and dried before storing. It’s best to cover sofas and chairs. Wooden furniture is best polished and then wrapped with corrugated cardboard. Mattresses and bases are best stored by being placed into mattress covers. All other items should be wrapped or covered as required

Tools and Machinery have to be cleaned before storage. Drain fuel and oil, place in original boxes and store upright. Lawn mowers are very prone to oil leakage when stored on their side and spillage can damage other goods in your space. Gas bottles from barbeques and heaters must be emptied before storing.

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